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Understanding the Importance of Community Banks

March 27, 2023

As we celebrate Community Banking Month this April, it's important to recognize the benefits that community banking provides to local communities. Community banks are often seen as a more personal and customer-focused alternative to larger banks, and they can offer a range of benefits to customers and businesses.

David Crumhorn, President and CEO at Heritage Bank, emphasizes the importance of community banks in providing personalized services and building strong relationships with customers. He notes that "Community banks are the backbone of many small towns and rural areas. They know their customers, their needs, and their challenges. That's something you don't get with a big bank."

One of the key benefits of community banking is the personalized service that customers receive. Community banks can take the time to get to know their customers and understand their unique financial situations. This allows them to offer customized solutions and tailored advice that larger banks may not be able to provide.

In addition, community banks can often be more flexible when it comes to lending decisions. They can take a more holistic view of a borrower's financial situation, including factors like local economic conditions and community ties, rather than relying solely on credit scores and other metrics.

As Crumhorn notes, "Community banks have a vested interest in the success of their customers and their communities. When local businesses thrive, it benefits everyone in the area." This local focus can lead to greater support for small businesses, which are often the lifeblood of local economies.

Another benefit of community banking is the potential for community reinvestment. Community banks are often more likely to invest in local projects and initiatives, whether it's funding a new community center or supporting a local non-profit. This can help to strengthen the local community and build a sense of shared purpose among residents.

Finally, community banking can provide a sense of security and stability for customers. Because community banks are often more closely tied to their local communities, they may be less likely to engage in risky lending practices or make decisions that could harm their customers or the local economy.

As Crumhorn concludes, "Community banks are not just a financial institution - they are a trusted partner in the success of their customers and their communities. We take that responsibility seriously, and we are proud to serve as a catalyst for growth and prosperity in the areas we serve."

Overall, community banking offers a range of benefits that can help to build stronger, more resilient local communities. As we celebrate Community Banking Month this April, let's recognize the important role that community banks play in supporting economic growth and providing personalized financial services to customers.

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