Heritage Bank Mobile Banking

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Available to all Heritage Bank of St. Tammany online banking customers.




Common features

Fees are subject to change:

Returned check or other items returned unpaid

$29.00 per check/ACH (per presented item)

Fees for paying overdrafts

$29.00 per check
/ACH (per presented item)

Stop Payment

$25.00 per check or ACH item

Continuous Overdraft Charge

$5.00 per day on the 5th business day (excluding weekends & holidays)

Check Printing

(First Order of 150 checks Free; Style Emerald Custom - Standard or Duplicate) Re-order charges vary on style and quantity of checks/supplies ordered.

Lost or Stolen Debit Card

$5.00 per card

Debit Card PIN Replacement or Reset

$4.00 per request

Overdraft Transfer Service Fee

$5.00 each occurrence

Inactive Fee

Statement Savings - Balance less than $100.00 and account inactive for 12 months will be charged
$5.00 per month. On all checking accounts if the account remains inactive for 6 months and the balance is less
than $100.00 the account will be assessed $5.00 per month.

Mortgage Loan Payoff Processing Fee


Mortgage Cancellation at Courthouse Fee


Replacement of Information Previously Furnished, (i.e. 1099INT, 1098-Mortgage Interest, IRA’s, etc.)

$10.00 each

Research - Current Year

$5.00 per account

Research - Prior Years

$15.00 per year per account

Wire Transfer (Within United States of America)

$20.00 per wire

Wire Transfer (International)

$70.00 per wire - payable through a US bank

Cashier Check

Customer $5.00 each
Non-Customer $10.00

Check Cashing Fee

$5.00 each on-us check for non-customer

IRS/Tax Levy


Safe Deposit Boxes

Safe Deposit Boxes are available at all locations, to help protect your valuables, important documents and other items. Sizes and rental fees vary.

Must be a current Heritage Bank account holder. A one-time key deposit of $15.00 is required. The deposit will be refunded upon relinquishment of the safe deposit box and the return of two keys.

Please note that content in Safe Deposit Boxes are NOT FDIC Insured.