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For many, the home buying process is new territory.

That is why we've provided this outline to help you get acquainted with the typical process. Our home loan personnel are trained to guide you through the process, educate you on all the loan options available, and will be there every step of the way.

Step 1
Applying for Your Mortgage Loan

A Loan Officer is available to assist you. To start the process, please inquire below or download an application.

Step 2
Initial Pre-Qualification

Your loan application will be submitted for pre-qualification; certain conditions may be necessary before a final approval can be given to you. Conditions may include items that we must take care of, as well as additional documentation that you may need to provide to us.

At the time of application, you will be provided with important disclosures. Common disclosures include:

Step 3
Processing Your Loan

Once you have chosen a property, the following items will be ordered:

Step 4
Final Approval

Once the title report, appraisal, and flood certification are received, along with any additional documentation we have asked you to provide, your loan file is ready for final review and approval. At this time, the closing attorney will contact you to schedule the loan closing. You will receive your final estimate of closing costs, provided to you on the Closing Disclosure. You may also need proof that you have the following types of insurance for your new property:

Step 5
Closing Your Loan

Your closing is the meeting between you, the seller, your real estate agents, and the lender or their agent. At this meeting, the property and funds legally change hands and the mortgage documents are signed. The closing will take place with your approved attorney at either a Heritage Bank branch most convenient for the borrowers or any approved attorney's office.

At the loan closing, you will review and sign the required closing documents that will provide the lender to transfer the necessary funds to the seller, so that you will now own the property and agree to repay the lender the loan used to secure the new property. The Mortgage is the document that places a lien on the property as security for repayment of your home loan. The Note represents your agreement to pay the lender according to the agreed-upon terms of the loan.

Step 6
Servicing Your Loan

Once your loan is closed, it will be transferred to our servicing department, who will help you with all your needs in regards to your monthly statements.