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Refinancing your home could save you tons of money. If your existing loan is too expensive or too risky, refinancing may be the right for you!
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Why Refinance? To save money!

Whether it's lowering your monthly payments or reducing the number of years on your loan, refinancing could save you TONS of money. When you refinance, you often seek to replace your current mortgage loan with a new loan that has a lower interest rate. If you have other debts and want to combine loan payments, that is also an option with a mortgage refinance.

Benefits to refinancing your existing loan include:

Heritage Bank has the ability to handle all aspects of the lending process from application to funding. By choosing us, you enjoy the convenience and security of in-house underwriting and processing for your loan application. We close loans quickly and efficiently. At Heritage Bank we provide the best financial solution for every borrower.

We specialize in residential mortgages through such products as:

• USDA and VA loans
• FHA Loans
• Adjustable Rate Programs
• Portfolio Lending

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